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This is Us. This is Brussels.

This is Us. This is Brussels is an artistic/social design project that creates a human archive of 1000 people to make Brussels and the inhabitants of Brussels of the 2020s visible, (a super-diverse and young, multifaceted and complex city, located in the heart of Europe), to record and reveal their stories and expectations and to create new alliances between them, and this way, creating more “us”.

This is Us. This is Brussels est un projet artistique/de social design qui crée une archive humain de 1000 personnes pour de rendre visible Bruxelles et les des années 2020, (une ville super-diversifiée et jeune, aux multiples facettes et complexe, située au cœur de l’Europe) , d’enregistrer et de dévoiler leurs histoires et leurs attentes et de créer de nouvelles alliances avec eux, en créant ainsi plus du “nous”.

This is Us. This is Brussels is een artistiek/sociaal designproject dat een menselijk archief van 1000 mensen creëert om Brussel en de Brusselaars van de jaren 2020 zichtbaar te maken (een superdiverse en jonge, veelzijdige en complexe stad, gelegen in het hart van Europa), om hun verhalen en verwachtingen vast te leggen en te tonen en om nieuwe allianties tussen hen aan te gaan en zo meer “wij” te creëren.

This project was designed and is being implemented by Joke Quintens (Wetopia) 2023-2025 in collaboration with Brussels2030, supported by Urban Brussels. 

More about the project after Summer 2023!

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Wetopia interventions aim to create " us " between people who do not always know each other but share the same place or neighbourhood. Starting from the love for and thus the potential of that place, we work together on social challenges and challenging questions. 

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