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About Wetopia

Wetopia is about 3 superpowers: the power of “us”, the power of “place” and the power of “doing”. Discover more about them HERE.

Discover all our projects in our Wetopia world HERE

In Wetopia we take action to build our local societies together. Starting from the potential of a place, creating a common space for collaboration and action, in new alliances to create more “us”.

Why do we need Wetopia?

🌍 Real change happens in cities, at the local level, in a specific context or place. Thats is why there is a need to improve democracy in cities, involving everyone.
🌍 We are all “change makers”, whether we are politicians, citizens, civil servants, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, activists or urban planners. All roles are important towards real solutions.
🌍 In many cities, there is a need to find new ways to fight segregation between people and places (e.g. in Marseille between north and south) and the unequal access to a healthy environment.
🌍 There is a need for more “us” and “together”. For more “we”. To make people meet and talk again. Managing different ideological and political views and staying connected is a real need today in every local society.
🌍 And very important….There is so much knowledge, experience and creativity in our local society, we should make use of it as much as possible.

Wetopia worked in Marseille, Brussels, Cape Town, Nairobi, Oostende, Rotterdam, Tunis with Open Design Afrika, Living Lab Nairobi, Manifesta 13, Brussels 2030, Flemish Architecture Institute, Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa and other cultural platforms and institutions.

Selected by The Futures Project as one of the innovations for the UN 75 conversation.

Wetopia is founded by Joke Quintens and developed with many other Wetopians.

Wetopia got selected as one of the 18 innovators for the Future” of The Futures project, contributing to the United Nations 75 conversation

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