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About Wetopia


= the idea in which we all acknowledge that we can only make a city together.

= an active intervention to stimulate more cooperation and to develop, research and demonstrate new alliances between policy makers (politicians, civil servants, community leaders, companies, institutions,…) and civil society (citizens, city makers, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, communities,…).

= a “living lab” in which we simply work locally in the field to connect people and projects, to try out solutions and possibilities, to explore, to learn, to understand, to work on new forms of democracy by co-creating and working together.

In Wetopia we take action to build our community together with civilians, activists, designers, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, civil servants and policy makers. In Wetopia we co-create more resilient cities from the bottom-up. An aspirational concept first conceived and used by Joke Quintens, field expert in “making cities together”, Wetopia underlines the importance  of co-creating cities inclusive of everyone.

Wetopia got selected as one of the 18 innovators for the Future” of The Futures project, contributing to the United Nations 75 conversation

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