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ODA Wetopia Academy

Open Design Afrika Wetopia Academy. “Making Cities Together” in Cape Town.

Open Design Afrika (ODA) is very proud to launch the first Wetopia Academy in October 2019. The ODA Wetopia Academy aims to bring “Wetopia” into practice. 

This ODA project is a collaboration with Joke Quintens, the custodian of the “wetopia” concept and former policy-maker and field expert in making cities together. It is sponsored by the Robert Bosch Foundation. 

Wetopia demonstrates, investigates and develops exciting experiences that stimulates different collaborations between policy makers (politicians, civil servants, community leaders, entrepreneurs, institutions…) and civil society (citizens, communities, artists, city makers,..).It’s about exploring, learning, understanding and designing new ways to create democracy through collaboration and co-creation. 

ODA Wetopia Academy is conceptualised by Joke Quintens and Suné Stassen from Open Design Afrika for active citizens, change-makers and policymakers who are serious about creating real change. Within the context of the ‘citizens education platform’ of Open Design Afrika and In collaboration with many local and international field experts, city-makers and change-makers, the very first ODA Wetopia Academy will be launched in Cape Town, South Africa in October 2019. 

The ODA Wetopia Academy is a yearlong programme of events and activations which will consist out of the following three pillars:

  1. The ODA Wetopia city and community activations (first workshops 19-20 October 2019) * A G100 of Langa and a G100 of Kensington. How do we strengthen together the narrative of our communities?
  2. The ODA Wetopia Inspiration Day (21 October 2019) * With inspiring speakers and projects from policy making and civil society from Cape Town, Afrika and the rest of the world.
  3. The ODA Wetopia Academy Learning Programme for policy makers (from October 2019 October 2020) * A school to become a real Wetopian.

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Wetopia interventions aim to create " us " between people who do not always know each other but share the same place or neighbourhood. Starting from the love for and thus the potential of that place, we work together on social challenges and challenging questions. 

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