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Waste Pickers as superheroes!

Waste pickers are the superheroes with the least superpowers – Mundano

On 8 June 2020, on World Oceans Day, we launched the call to all,  to collectively see the waste pickers and honour them. To respect them off course, but also  by making them more visible with the stories they have. Because waste pickers also save our oceans. But are not acknowledged for that.

On the poster and in the video you will see Khululekile “Kusta” Moka, living in a township in Port Elisabeth South Africa. He feeds his family, his wife Patricia, his daughter and his dogs by making a living  from collecting plastics he finds.. Plastic that can’t end up in the ocean!.

Waste pickers are all over our planet and part of saving her. So please, see your waste pickers and share their stories with all of us!

As  Wetopia community of practice in Cape Town, we co-created with the 15 participants of the Wetopia Learning Program this intervention to put the spotlights on the waste pickers as superheroes, but yet #unseensuperheroes ! Help us to make them visible!

Wetopia Academy in Cape Town is a collaboration of Wetopia with Open Design Afrika, Fontys Academy for Creative Industries with the support of the Bosch Foundation. MORE @wetopiamakingcitiestogether on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn #wetopia #unseensuperheroes


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  1. These are the heroes we need to honour – not the super-rich, the super-models, the super-powerful corporates, not the brands, not the rands; those with perseverance, patience, a will to live, no matter what. And at the same time, they are cleaning up the planet.


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Wetopia interventions aim to create " us " between people who do not always know each other but share the same place or neighbourhood. Starting from the love for and thus the potential of that place, we work together on social challenges and challenging questions. 

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