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Co-created crèche in Joe Slovo township.

The Joe Slovo West Community Project is a haven for small children on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The small school’s design was managed by Kevin Kimwelle .

Read about Kevin and his work in this article in The Guardian.

The project was a total renovation of a previous nursery that had become too small to host the growing number of toddlers that relied the nursery on a regular basis. A local non-profit organisation, Love Story, stepped in and drafted the help of a number of architects to revamp the space. T

With emphasis placed on the involvement of local citizens rather than a foreign company who are disconnected to the space, this is an example of design for the people, by the people.


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Wetopia interventions aim to create " us " between people who do not always know each other but share the same place or neighbourhood. Starting from the love for and thus the potential of that place, we work together on social challenges and challenging questions. 

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