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Foresta, Yes We Camp in Marseille!

Foresta is the project of a metropolitan park in the north area of Marseille : 26 acres of land with the most wonderful view of the city and sea, in between Grand Littoral, one of the largest malls of Europe and Monier, the last tile factory of the area. This is also where you find “Marseille” written in big white Hollywood letters, where the Marquis of Foresta used to live in his castle and where the many families of the Saint Antoine and La Viste neighborhoods were having picnics.

Today, its where Yes We Camp is imagining what to do next. Contacted about a year and a half ago by Resiliance which had just bought the place, the collective, supported by the cooperative of Marseille north residents Hôtel du Nord, started to picture a park there, a kind that connects people together through the creation and building of structures, workshops, sporting equipments, cultural events and overall, allows the implementation of a place where people feel safe and can learn, share their experiences and knowledge. There would also be a farm that both produces vegetables and experiments new kind of farming : permaculture and aquaponics for instance.

Yes We Camp is a collective gathering people from different areas of work focused on transitory urbanism and new forms of participation by developing original projects which combine artistic means of expression and different ways to make people participate.

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Wetopia interventions aim to create " us " between people who do not always know each other but share the same place or neighbourhood. Starting from the love for and thus the potential of that place, we work together on social challenges and challenging questions. 

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